Hyper-realistic, front-view close-up portrait of a furious Vikin...


Hyper-realistic, front-view close-up portrait of a furious Viking bursting into flames, smoke, embers, (symmetrical composition)+, (eye contact)+, epic, celestial, moody, cinematic lighting, lens flare, highly detailed, sharp focus, octane render, HDRI, intense, dramatic, warm colors, fiery effect, professional, 35mm, 8k, IMAX, (mouth closed)+, viking helmet on his head, dark studio, low key, high contrast, dark background, flawless detail, award-winning, expertly crafted, detailed pupils, unreal engine

{ "seed": 2011528409, "model": "DreamShaper", "scale": 7, "steps": 100, "width": 512, "height": 768, "sampler": "DPM Solver++", "upscale": "realesrgan-x4-plus" }

Negative prompt: (horrific)-, 3d render, blender, grain, cropped, text, logo, signature, oversaturated, overexposed, bad anatomy, blurred, deformed, disfigured, mangled, poorly drawn face, poorly drawn hands, ugly, closed eyes, low-res, lowres, out of frame, draft, cartoon, kitsch, watermark, bad art, error, cripple, additional arms, additional legs, additional head, two heads, multiple people, group of people