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NeberEnding Dream : SamDoesArts Beautiful lady, Mesmerizing luminous lithe lady with long curly red hair, tangled up in her bed sheets, Messy hair, blushing, big beautiful eyes by artgerm, Boris Vallejo, James Jean, Luis Royo, Milo manara, Norman Rockwell, Joe Mad, Cyan theme, Orange Theme, Negative (worst quality, low quality:1.4), bad-hands-5, (bad_prompt_version2:0.8), asian, ugly, deformed body, ugly face, (((nudity)))

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Master quality, detailed, A detailed beautiful woman, She has a very soft and beautiful face, detailed face, She has long wavy hair, she has armor like witchblade, close up, film grain, back lighting, bloom, HDR, raytracing, charliebo artstyle, 1woman