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Within the West Sea, amidst the shifting sand, there is a country named Gully City.Within the West Sea, west of the quicksand, there is a country named Fan Ye.To the west of quicksand, where there is a bird mountain, the three waters come out. Therefore, there are gold, jade, elixirs, silver and iron, all of which flow here. There is also Huaishan, where good water comes out.To the east of quicksand and to the west of black water, there are countries of cloud and swine. The wife of the Yellow Emperor, Lei Zu, gave birth to the idea of prosperity. Changyi descends like water, giving rise to the Korean current. Han Liu raised his head, listened attentively, had a human face, a ragged beak, a Lin body, a Qugu, and a dolphin. He named Naozi Ah Nu and gave birth to Emperor Zhuanxu.To the east of the quicksand and between the black waters, there is a mountain called the Mountain of Death.(masterpiece, top quality, best quality, official art, beautiful and aesthetic:1.2), (extremely detailed, highres, highest detailed:1.2), (8k, absurdres, CG), neon lighting, (vibrant glow), dynamic colors, striking contrast, futuristic vibe, electric energy, reflective surfaces, (cityscape), (futuristic cyberpunk city),

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(masterpiece, top quality, best quality, official art, beautiful and aesthetic:1.2), (1girl), tree girl, hair made of vines, (perfect face), (night:1.3), extremely detailed, (fractal art:1.2), ((ultra realistic details)), highest detailed, shadows, intricate, facing camera, (short curly green hair), dress made of vines, glowing eyes, wooden body, wooden limbs, branches, roots, vines, spriggan, forest creature, leaves, forest, full body, green skin, person made of plants, colorful, goddess, ((fireflies))