Dune Tribute /// (Character) wearing detailed combat body suit w...

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Dune Tribute /// (Character) wearing detailed combat body suit with scarf, closeup, desert scene, detailed skin, face sharp focus, detailed eyes and pupils, detailed hair, intricate details and sharp, masterpiece, global illumination, real shadow, bokeh, best quality, Dune style, photorealistic, realistic, 8k, 3d

{ "Scale": 7.5, "Steps": 40, "Generator": "Mochi Diffusion 2.4", "model_version": "aresMix_v01_original_512x768_ema-vae", "Negative Prompt": "lowres, pixelated, aliasing, old, watermark, hideous, artifacts, poorly detailed, smudged, glossy skin, doll, text, signature, nudity, distorted hands, deformed face, deformed, deformed body, deformed hands, nude" }