Amidst the chaos of a dense jungle warzone, a stunning and buxom...

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Amidst the chaos of a dense jungle warzone, a stunning and buxom Cuban revolutionary fighter takes center stage. With her unwavering resolve, she stands tall, her rifle firmly gripped in her hands as she unleashes a storm of bullets towards the enemy. The cacophony of gunfire echoes through the thick foliage, punctuated by the sharp cracks of her rifle. The intensity of the moment is heightened by the presence of a combat photographer capturing the scene. With steady hands, the photographer captures the essence of her bravery and determination, the camera clicking in rapid succession. Sweat glistens on her brow, mixing with the dirt and grime of battle, while her uniform bears the marks of countless struggles. Yet, amidst the chaos, her beauty shines through, a testament to her inner strength and unwavering spirit. The combination of her alluring presence and the raw power of her actions creates a striking image that encapsulates the courage and defiance of a Cuban revolutionary fighter in the face of adversity. Bullets are flying and the jungle is in flames, planes overhead are dropping bombs. realistic, best quality, photo-realistic, (best quality:1.3), realistic, photo-realistic, Best quality, masterpiece, ultra high res, (photorealistic:1.4) 2girls

{ "Seed": 52401, "Scale": 7.5, "Steps": 25, "Img Width": 512, "Img Height": 768, "sampler_name": "beek_euler_ancestral", "model_version": "DiffusionBeecustom_level4_v50BakedVAEFp16", "Negative Prompt": "Badhandv4, extra fingers, fewer fingers, extra digit, bad hands, hairy, head cut off, Easy Negative, paintings, sketches, (worst quality:2), (low quality:2), (normal quality:2), ((monochrome)), ((grayscale)), acnes, age spot, glans,((watermark:2)),(white letters:1), (multi nipples), bad anatomy, bad hands, text, error, missing fingers, fewer digits, cropped, jpeg artifacts, signature, watermark, username, bad feet, mutation, deformed, long neck, ((cross-eyed)), mutated hands, polar lowres, bad proportions, gross proportions, abdominal stretch, glans" }