Style: Hyperrealistic. Scene: A sun-drenched enchanted forest, d...

Style: Hyperrealistic. Scene: A sun-drenched enchanted forest, dappled with vibrant flowers and towering trees. Camera angle: Medium shot, capturing the protagonist's awe-struck expression as they stumble upon a hidden waterfall with rainbow-colored mist. The protagonist is a young ((human)) girl with a (((curly))) mane of golden hair, wearing a flowing ((elven)) gown that glimmers in the sunlight. The water's surface reflects a realistic image of the girl, creating a dreamlike atmosphere. The scene is framed by lush foliage, while butterflies and fireflies dance in the air. The image has a cinematic depth of field effect, highlighting the girl's face and the cascading water, and the overall composition is considered a masterpiece in hyperrealistic art. (((realistic face)))

{ "VAE": "vae-ft-mse-840000-ema-pruned", "Seed": 166713488, "Size": "3840x2160", "Model": "General_darkful_v10", "Score": 6.81, "Steps": 18, "Parser": "Full parser", "Sampler": "DPM++ SDE Karras", "Version": "0acc7d3", "CFG scale": 10, "Clip skip": 1, "Model hash": "444884d003", "Negative prompt": "bad-picture-chill-75v, verybadimagenegative_v1.3, EasyNegative, bad-image-v2-39000, bad-hands-5, badhandv4, worst quality, blurry, out of focus, low quality, out of frame, logo, signature, username, watermark, picture frame, smudges", "Tiled Diffusion": { "Method": "MultiDiffusion", "Upscaler": "4x_foolhardy_Remacri", "Tile Overlap": 48, "Upscale factor": 3, "Keep input size": true, "Tile batch size": 8, "Tile tile width": 96, "Tile tile height": 96 }, "Face restoration": "CodeFormer", "Denoising strength": 0.25, "Token merging ratio": 0.3, "Token merging random": true, "Token merging ratio hr": 0.3, "Tiled Diffusion upscaler": "4x_foolhardy_Remacri", "Tiled Diffusion scale factor": 3 }