half nude,(in the dark:1.6), Hyperrealist portrait of female ,f...

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half nude,(in the dark:1.6), Hyperrealist portrait of female ,fantasy art, photo realistic, dynamic lighting, artstation, volumetric lighting, very detailed faces, 8k, award winning, 1girl,vietnamese,in the dark, deep shadow, low key,((sexy)(very thin)(purple sexy nightgown)(muslin)) ,very long hair,black hair,cute face,full body, penetration,silk,seduction,captivating goddess , purple hair pins,Canopy bed,<lora:xxmix9realistic_v26:0.6:MIDD>

{ "Seed": 73157, "Scale": 6.48, "Steps": 21, "Sampler": "k_euler_ancestral", "Img Width": 512, "Img Height": 768, "Similar Imgs": "No", "model_version": "DiffusionBeecustom_xxmix9realistic_v26", "Negative Prompt": "sketches, (worst quality:2), (low quality:2), (normal quality:2), lowres, normal quality, ((monochrome)), ((grayscale)), skin spots, acnes, skin blemishes, bad anatomy,(long hair:1.4),DeepNegative,(fat:1.2),facing away, looking away,tilted head, Multiple people, lowres,bad anatomy,bad hands, text, error, missing fingers,extra digit, fewer digits, cropped, worstquality, low quality, normal quality,jpegartifacts,signature, watermark, username,blurry,bad feet,cropped,poorly drawn hands,poorly drawn face,mutation,deformed,worst quality,low quality,normal quality,jpeg artifacts,signature,watermark,extra fingers,fewer digits,extra limbs,extra arms,extra legs,malformed limbs,fused fingers,too many fingers,long neck,cross-eyed,mutated hands,polar lowres,bad body,bad proportions,gross proportions,text,error,missing fingers,missing arms,missing legs,extra digit, extra arms, extra leg, extra foot," }