parameters best quality, photorealistic, 8k, high res, (skinden...

parameters best quality, photorealistic, 8k, high res, (skindentation), (professional lighting), gorgeous, photorealistic, (bokeh), Quiet and nice, nicemasterpiece, intricate, realistic, sharp focus, award-winning photograph, A young girl, white collar, white tight suit, short skirt, professional wear, street, outdoor,full body, mix4, <lora:cuteGirlMix4_v10:0.4>,iu, <lora:iu_V35:0.3> Negative prompt: bad-hands-5, bad_prompt, bad-artist, bad-image-v2-39000, bad anatomy, canvas frame, cartoon, paintings, sketches, backlight, earrings, weird colors, monochrome, blurry, (worst quality:2), (low quality:2), (normal quality:2), lowres, normal quality, grayscale, skin spots, acnes, skin blemishes, age spot, easynegative, ((disfigured)), ((deformed)), (((duplicate))), ((morbid)), ((mutilated)), (((mutation))), (((deformed))), ((ugly)), extra fingers, fused fingers, mutated hands, ((poorly drawn hands)), (malformed limbs), ((extra limbs)), ((missing arms)), ((missing legs)), (((long neck))), uneven eyes, cross-eye, (poorly drawn face), cloned face, out of frame, body out of frame, gross proportions, Steps: 20, Sampler: DPM++ SDE Karras, CFG scale: 7, Seed: 2128868254, Size: 640x960, Model hash: fc2511737a, Model: chilloutmix_NiPrunedFp32Fix, Clip skip: 2, ENSD: 31337

ek hong