Soldier /// ANYTHING MIDJOURNEY V4 style, intricate, symmetrical...

ah3-40e163ecc31c.jpeg ah3-90ab63ecc31c.jpeg ah3-ce563ecc31c.jpeg ah3-cba763ecc31c.jpeg

Soldier /// ANYTHING MIDJOURNEY V4 style, intricate, symmetrical face front view, full body view, hyperrealistic render metal details, ultra detailed soldier with exoskeleton holding guns, combat armor, by call of duty advanced warfare, high contrast, 8k photographic style, matte painting, octane render, ambiant light, blured background, HD

{ "Seed": 20000, "Scale": 12.43, "Steps": 75, "Img Width": 512, "Img Height": 704, "model_version": "DiffusionBeecustom_ANYTHING_MIDJOURNEY_V_4", "Negative Prompt": "cropped head, bad framing, out of frame, deformed, missing arm, additional arms, additional legs, additional head, additional face, multiple people, group of people" }