(portrait of Alice In Wonderland), ((young girl playing with a w...


(portrait of Alice In Wonderland), ((young girl playing with a white bunny)), cute heartwarming friendship, blue eyes, (long floating hair), ((magical mushroom forest environment)), sunlight, dreamy atmosphere, (fantasy), intricate, highly detailed, sharp focus, low angle view, (centered image composition), professionally color graded, masterpiece, trending on artstation, hdr 4k, 8k, ((samdoesarts))

{ "Seed": 2656196169, "Model": "Stable Diffusion", "Steps": 40, "Sampler": "k_euler_ancestral", "CFG Scale": 8, "Img Heigh": 1024, "Img Width": 1024, "Negative Prompt": "((((bunny ears costume)))), ((((girl wearing rabbit ears costume)))), ((((girl with bunny ears)))), ((depth of field)), ((blurry)), f/1. 8, high contrast, cartoon, disfigured, bad art, poorly drawn, bad framing, out of frame, deformed, cripple, ugly, blurry eyes, bad anatomy, disabled body, deformed body, missing finger, mutant hands, additional fingers, badly drawn hands, lack of detail, low resolution, deformed hands, text, error, cropped, signature, watermark" }

Settings I used in Automatic1111 were: High-res fix with Denoising strength: 0.6, and First pass size: 512x512. For the hand I did some minor inpainting.