very complex hyper-maximalist overdetailed cinematic fantasy clo...

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very complex hyper-maximalist overdetailed cinematic fantasy closeup macro portrait of a heavenly beautiful european mid-age lady with long red-brown windblown hair , pale wet skin and brown eyes and red lipstick ,flirting smiling passion seductive, , tomasz alen kopera,moleksandra shchaslyva, peter mohrbacher, Omnious intricate, octane, , Fashion photo shoot, glamorous pose, trending on ArtStation, dramatic lighting, ice, fire and smoke, orthodox symbolism Diesel punk, mist, ambient occlusion, volumetric lighting, Lord of the rings, BioShock, glamorous, emotional, tattoos,shot in the photo studio, professional studio lighting, backlit, rim lighting, Deviant-art, hyper detailed illustration, 8k

{ "Seed": 26790, "Scale": 8.29, "Steps": 50, "Img Width": 640, "Img Height": 640, "model_version": "DiffusionBee1.5fp16" }