(Masterpiece Best Quality), (Extremely Complex: 1.2),, beautiful...


(Masterpiece Best Quality), (Extremely Complex: 1.2),, beautiful girl, big eyes, orange-red lipstick, silver-green bangs, short curly hair, wearing colorful and fashionable summer colorful pattern T-shirt half-sleeve, half-length picture, half-length photo, blue, red, yellow, pink, gradient hair, {neon pink hair, tender pink hair, tender blue hair, tender green hair, tender yellow hair,}, glowing hair, shirt, black eyes, blurred background, red lips, bangs, ((Colorful balloon background)), collarbone, colorful ink background, ((Ink splash)) (Color splash), standing picture, upper body ((Rainbow color hair)), gradient color, paint, highest quality, highest quality, masterpiece, depth of field, delicate and moist skin, cute girl, solo, wall covered with colorful paint, gradient, exquisite CG, exquisite and beautiful facial features, gorgeous highlights, crystal clear, beautiful, charming, shining, perfect, ultra-clear Chinese style