(red rose!) and ((blue lily!)) like ancient runes, european anci...

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(red rose!) and ((blue lily!)) like ancient runes, european ancient style, black and gray tones, hazy feeling, sword fairy, movie shot, photo realism, shot from a low angle, a young hero, very handsome, focused on eyes, close-up, black raven cape, (red rose!) and ((blue lily!)) at background, crazy details, movie lighting, ultra high definition, cg rendering, volume lighting, unreal engine, angry, fighting undead army

{ "Seed": 34257, "Scale": 7.5, "Steps": 25, "Img Width": 512, "Img Height": 768, "sampler_name": "beeddim", "model_version": "DiffusionBeecustom_AWPainting_v1", "Negative Prompt": "asian, (worst quality)1.5, (low quality)1.5, (normal quality)1.5, lowres, bad anatomy, bad hands, collapsed eyeshadow, multiple eyebrows, (cropped) , extra limb, missing limbs, deformed hands, long neck, long body, imperfect, (bad hands) , signature, watermark, username, artist name, conjoined fingers, deformed fingers, ugly eyes, imperfect eyes, skewed eyes, unnatural face, unnatural body, error, painting by bad-artist, copyright" }