adult, (pale sleep deprived geek girl), (pale), (sleep deprivati...


adult, (pale sleep deprived geek girl), (pale), (sleep deprivation), circles under the eyes, panda eyes, ((curly hair,)) wearing glasses and sweater dress, perfect face, ((detailed eyes)), (( detailed pupils)), slightly muscular, fit, full body shot, sitting in a cafe, intricate, detailed, (line art), insanely high res, 8K, HD, ((WLOP)), rossdraws, artgerm, (((vivid colors))), Chaïm Soutine,, Felix Octavius Carr Darley

{ "seed": "2035900624", "steps": 50, "width": 512, "height": 704, "version": "Anything-V3.0", "sampler_name": "DDIM", "guidance_scale": 12 }